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Core Culture and Values

"It is the mission of Humphrey &  Associates to perform our services proficiently, professionally, and profitably for our customers and ourselves.  Each task performed by our company or its representative shall be approached with honesty, integrity, compassion, honor, and intensity."

"The culture inside the walls of our company is family.  We shall treat each other as the most important customer.  We should hold each other accountable to high standards and ourselves to an even higher standard.  It shall be our goal to educate our employees, reduce recoverable lost time, prevent losses, and improve our quality."

"We value people, relationships, performing quality work and providing for our families.  Characteristics that describe our shared values are integrity, honesty, ethics, family/team, loyalty, and quality."

"It is our vision to properly conduct business by managing the size, geographic location, and long-term value of each opportunity for Humphrey & Associates.  We will not change our business based on ego driven motives of individuals or the company."

Riding for the Brand


Consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral principles and values

Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, is a foundational value for our company.  We go above and beyond to create a place where employees want to work and clients want to collaborate.


Being truthful

We believe that the truth, while sometimes difficult in the short term, is always the best policy.  As Jackie Humphrey often said, "To 'rationalize' is just accepting a 'Ration of Lies'".


Moral code of conduct

We believe that a moral code not only directs our lives, but also should direct how we interact with clients and employees.  We strive to emulate the uncompromising ethics of our founders.


A strong feeling of support or allegiance

We are willing to make necessary sacrifices to ensure the success of our company, our clients, and our employees.  A sense of duty to take care of others encompasses all of our actions. 


Our relationship with each other

The support of a family with the professionalism of a team defines our unified culture.


The pursuit of excellence in all areas of work performance and finished product

We take pride in the quality of work we produce.  That is why we have garnered a reputation as a top specialty contractor in our area.

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